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triangle emerald & dangling diamond stud earrings

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Artist: Celine Daoust

14k Yellow Gold Earrings Each With One Vivid Green Emerald, Diamonds And Dangling Details. The stone color may vary, due to natural variation in the material.

Each gemstone was hand selected by Celine during her travels abroad. What we love about these stones is the story they tell by their shapes, colors and small inclusions which are an essential element to their nature. Every imperfection is celebrated, making your sparkling companion as unique as it gets.

Emerald is often referred to as the love stone, embodying harmony, compassion, and unconditional love.

  • Solid 14k Yellow Gold
  • Earring is approx. 1.4 cm long
  • Diamond weight 0.04ctw
  • Sold as a pair