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len collective / jewelry cleaner

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We have partnered with a local company to offer our own signature Len Collective Jewelry Cleaner. Its both non toxic, environmentally safe, and gentle on all materials making it suitalbe for any metal or stone (yes even pearl, mother of pearl, gold fill, or gold vermeil). The foam is a special blend of bio-based surfactants that coalesce in a foam to efficiently break down the daily buildup of grime and allow it to be easy rinsed away leaving nothing but sparkle and shine.  The foam is dispensed through a non-aerosol pump foamer, so there are no nasty propellants to damage our ozone layer. Our cleaner is both safe for you, your jewelry, and our planet.  From costume jewelry to your heirloom pieces, it will bring back the sparkle and shine without the worry.

Our jewelry cleaner can be used daily, or any time that your jewelry needs cleaned.

Soak 10-30 seconds in the foam and then rinse. Soak no more than a few minutes in the jewelry bath before rinsing.

Cleaning Silver? Our cleaner can remove mild to moderate tarnish from silver. For heavily tarnished jewelry, a polishing cloth and professional polishing is recommended. You can maintain your silver after the heavier tarnish is removed by using our cleaner regularly to prevent further tarnish.

2.5 oz pump. Includes cleaning brush.

100% Biodegradable. It breaks down rapidly and completely, meaning it will not contaminate or pollute our water, or our environment.

Made on the Central Coast of California.