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wwake / pillar ring - sapphire + opal + diamond

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Artist: WWAKE

The Brickwork Series -- inspired by traditional masonry, where each brick comes together to build both a beautiful pattern and a strong foundation. This ring features a brilliant white diamond, a small round opal, and light blue sapphires - each stone unique in color and tone, creating a beautiful natural gradient in a horizontal pattern.


  • 14k solid recycled yellow gold
  • Sapphire, baguette, 0.1 total cts, Sri Lanka Origin
  • Opal, 2mm, 0.03 ct, Australian Origin
  • Diamond, 2mm, 0.03 cts, Recycled

WWAKE's opals and sapphires are all natural and each unique to their cut and color. They take pride in each of their stones and guarantee the best selection that is available. Please note that while we guarantee this quality, we, however, cannot promise exact replicas of the colors photographed due to the natural variations within the stone. Thank you in advance for understanding!


While we love the brilliance of opals, it's important to know that this comes hand in hand with the fact that they are a "softer" stone. In general, we recommend being gentle with your opal jewelry, avoid submersion in moisture, and take care to not scratch or hit them against a hard material. 

Diamonds and Sapphires are more durable by nature but still should be handled with care. Avoid harsh chemicals and extreme heat. If your stone needs cleaning, you can use a polishing cloth, dish soap, and a baby tooth brush to clean underneath the setting and bring it back to its original beauty.


WWAKE believes that jewelry is a connection to the earth, and every hand in between.  WWAKE was created with the ethos that we share a responsibility to respect the human rights of all people and to honor the value and beauty of earth’s natural resources through responsible business practices. Their materials are sourced as sustainably as they possibly can, focusing on recycled materials to reduce their role in today's commercial mining practices, and also on fair trade materials that provide positive impact to responsible mining communities from around the globe. Their jewelry strives to support an entire chain of people, with careful sourcing, planning, and learning — a complex process they work on every day.