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wild yonder / bath salt soaks - rose the vibe

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Rose the Vibe Bath Salt Soak by Wild Yonder Botanicals.

An aromatic high vibe journey into your hearts center.

Blended with organic Bulgarian Rose Otto and Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood.

Studies how just one drop of Rose otto oil placed on the toe effect the entire body within 20 minutes. Their bathing elixir is a blend of Rose Otto and Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood - the aroma is subtle and leans more toward the sandalwood. This elixir is more about the energetic properties of the rose rather than the aroma. Their Rose Otto is a precious oil that we use sparingly with care and respect.

Ingredients (all organic) Quartz charged sea salt, epsom salt,  Bulgarian Rose Otto and Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood oil and biodynamic honey.

NOW PACKAGED IN POST CONSUMER RECYCLED FILM - saving it from the landfill.

2.5 oz