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sweet dreams gift package

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This gift package includes:

Species by the Thousands Sweet Dream Spray:

Pictured: 2 oz

Use to help get a restful night's sleep. Blended with intention using 100% organic and wildcrafted essential oils. These sprays are ideal for body, linen, meditation, and personal spaces. Shake gently before use.

Distilled water
Witch hazel
Bergamot essential oil
Lavender essential oil
Sweet orange essential oil
Sweet marjoram essential oil

Anima Mundi Tea Tonic - Dream:

Lucid Dreaming - The Nervous System is a mystical landscape within our body that dictates how we experience ourselves and this world. The sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system is an enormous grid, lining every single millimeter of our body and mind. It is essential to constantly take care of it, and feed it all its needs for an awakened and harmonious life.

Anima Mundi's formula is composed of relaxing plants, also known as nervines, such as organic Skullcap, Blue Lotus, Passionflower and Kava Kava; Accompanied by restorative adaptogens, like Ashwagandha and Tulsi.

Sueño Eye Mask:

Botanical dyed silk sleep mask with organic cotton fill.

Each piece is unique, slight variations in color is part of the natural dyeing process.

Colors will vary.


* Specific products may vary in scent or be replaced with an equivalent due to availability*