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SOMBRA / mono bottleneck vase 004

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A charming accent piece handcrafted in wheel-thrown stoneware. Its graceful silhouette is complemented by a neutral matte white glaze enlivened with bursts of iron speckling. Interior glazing allows the piece to be styled with or without water.

5.75”w x 7.75”h

Handmade in Los Angeles



Each SOMBRA ceramic vessel is one of a kind, made by hand with dedicated craftsmanship. They are wheel-thrown in high-fired stoneware and glazed for function in Mt. Washington. All pieces are hand stamped with our maker's mark. SOMBRA is the design studio of Allison Shawn. She is a trained architect and ceramicist based in Los Angeles, California. Her experience as an architect informs her care for human factors as well as her ability to develop striking and functional forms. She endeavors to create work that counteracts the constant distraction of contemporary living by demanding presence. Her style leans towards the thoughtful, elemental, and tranquil — but encourages the absolutely riotous.