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oval signet ring - grown diamond

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Artist: Elizabeth Street

A glittering showstopper! Hand fabricated in Los Angeles and one of a kind (OOAK).


  • 14k solid gold
  • High polish finish, sandblasted matte top, high polish bezel
  • 1.08ct I/VS2 Oval lab-grown diamond



Born and raised in New Orleans, Katie Finn became inspired by the aesthetic of paint chipping off of beautiful old houses and the oxidized texture of wrought iron fences, the rare beauty of imperfections acquired by age. The overall style she aspires to achieve is loosely based off the contents of her grandmothers jewelry box. Her interest in rose cut diamonds, unique sapphires, rubies, and vivid green emeralds stems from the jewelry she was exposed to through her. These stones have an inherent quality that is both imperfect and uniquely beautiful. Every piece of Elizabeth Street fine jewelry is hand made in Los Angeles.