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link necklace

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Artist: Seaworthy

This is the perfect chain necklace that you've always wanted in your life. These handmade cast 'links' once connected create this effortless statement necklace that can be wore dressed up or down. Handmade cast pieces 1"x 1/2"

Overall length approx. 22.5" and it is completely adjustable.

Brass, bronze, and sterling silver can oxidize over time. The slight hue can be removed by cleaning the piece and using an all metal polishing cloth. Each order comes with a small polishing cloth.


Seaworthy is a handmade collection with a focus on craftsmanship and community. Seaworthy isn't just a fashion collection, it is a commitment to a way of creating that speaks to longevity. Nothing happens fast in handmade jewelry, so every piece must be made with intention. They are equally as committed to the process as they are to the final product. Designed and manufactured in Portland, Oregon.