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la reine ring

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Artist: Margaux Perrier

This piece calls upon you to access your inner High Priestess, embodying all the regality and deeply sourced unbridled strength of La Reine (the Queen) energy. Featuring a stunning Blue Tourmaline, surrounded by a glistening, protective shielded face of Diamonds, this beautiful one of a kind ring is illuminated from within.

One-of-a-kind (OOAK)

In stock: size 7. May be resized, please email to inquire.

  • 14k solid gold
  • Blue Tourmaline 5.5 x 3.25mm *imperfections present*
  • Set with (16) 1.2mm white diamonds
Blue Tourmaline is a powerful ally for expanding your conscious awareness and deepening your ability to slip into a meditative state. Also known as Indicolite, it awakens your ability to communicate with spirit, developing mediumship and psychic clairvoyance / sentience /  audience, while lifting the illusory veil that separates us from our ancestors and spirit guides. It calms overactive thinking, providing mental clarity and a present state of being, allowing for deep emotional healing and progressive spiritual developments to take place. Blue Tourmaline provides perspective on the root of heavy emotional traumas, harmonizing imbalances and tapping into past-life information in order to clear ancestral karmic debris and patterns. In opening your energetic pathways to the realm of Spirit, you become deeply receptive to download profound healing, guidance and wisdom. It opens up the throat chakra, allowing your intuition to step to the forefront so that you may communicate your Truth with confidence and freedom, liberating your voice from fear-based restrictions that have been holding you back. It encourages you to insightfully understand and express deeply stored feelings, paving the pathway for channeled healing vibrations from higher dimensions to easily flow through you while generating and transmuting higher vibrational energies. Tapping into the Christ consciousness, many Sacred spiritual beings such as Buddha, Jesus and Krishna have long been depicted in artist renderings as blue beams of light - Blue Tourmaline envelops these light-bodies, generating connection with these beings while allowing you to open yourself up to receive their abundant blessings and love. Enrapturing you in its peaceful energy and harmonic resonance, it creates a high state of awareness and attentiveness, helping you to completely surrender to the unconditional love of the Divine Source energy.


Margaux Perrier is a French-American designer combining her adoration for the metaphysical with delicate wearable pieces. Her goal has always been to empower the wearer to access those parts that are innately within themselves to feel as divinely perfect as they truly are. Her jewelry is a blend of her French heritage with the sacred, spiritual and ethereal. It is an extension of her heart, designed to inspire you to tap into the Divine cosmos and recognize your place within it - you are valid, worthy, and love incarnate. Each stone is completely one of a kind as nature designed it, so each little fragment of uniquity outlays that stone’s journey of growth - just as it can assist you on yours.


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