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jewl // 008 - one of a kind ring - lotus garnet

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Artist: MYST

This edition of the JEWL ring is understated but exceedingly electric in design.

The ultimate statement in modern nobility. Crafted for those who rule their own realm, and make their own rules. Adorned by the delicate yet dangerous, that is the spirit of the JEWL ring.

The IKON collection is an ode to sovereign traditions and ancient exactitude. Each member of this cryptic ensemble embodies fluidity and regal recognition. An elite sect of ordainments that defined class and refined elegance worn by nobility as a showcase of their storied legacies.


.800 / 19 K

Blend : Pur Organic Yukon / Australian Gold Blend (AU) 80%, Pur Organic Silver (AG) 20%


Lotus Garnet, Mahange Tanzania (1.2 ct)

Unearthed in the Mahenge region of north Tanzania, Lotus Garnet was only recently discovered in late 2015. Found in alluvial mines, the amount of rough is unknown and each production is small and has a variation in color with every pocket produced.

Lotus Garnet is a member of three garnet families, pyrope, spessartine and almandine and is usually found in conjunction with rhodolite garnet and spinel.

Lotus Garnets are best viewed in sunlight and have a slight red fluorescence which can give the appearance of color change.

OOAK (One of a kind) casting from organic gold. Some imperfections may be present.

  • Naturally 19K Organic Gold
  • Natural Yellow Diamond


As artisans with a profound regard for the health of our planet, MYST offers you gold that is sustainably collected and tracked to ensure they leave the most minor impact possible on the planet and retain as many organic and natural properties from our minerals as possible. Each piece of gold is hand-selected by MYST and refined in-house, using the same method our ancestors perfected millennia ago. As the gold melts, the impurities rise to the surface; this reveals a substance of unmatched purity. An ancient gift hidden within our planet, this golden alloy is hand spun into rings with the precise intention of weaving modern armor to protect you on an energetic level. This historical connection to our ancestors and the innate freedom that comes with timeless beauty is what MYST strives for.


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