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incausa / breu resin incense blends

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9 incense per box 

A hand-wrapped presentation of the Breu Resin blends.
Each stick burns up to 1 hour.

Place it on an incense holder or fire-resistant surface. 

- White sage is used by natives around the globe to prepare for ritual ceremonies. Possessing antibacterial qualities, it may be used for strength and healing.

The indigenous Andean Bursera Graveolens tree naturally produces an aromatic hypoallergenic resin that grows in concentration with age. This Peruvian sourced Palo Santoprovides an uplifting scent to help raise energetic vibrations, inspire creativity, and a deeper connection to the spirit realm. Burning this holy wood incense may help relieve stress, headaches, anxiety, and depression.

- Chacrona leaf and Jagube vine, together are fundamental ingredients for preparing the sacramental entheogenic drink Ayahuasca. These sacred plants are prized by healers from indigenous communities in the Amazon. Burning this incense may assist in clearing blockages to the heart chakra and expanding one's psychic abilities.


Incausa is a for-profit company with social impact at its core. With their Indigenous pro-bono mission, Incausa transforms their customers into benefactors, which allows us to grow truly sustainable giving efforts rather than depending on fundraising for support.

This model has enabled them to give economic autonomy to indigenous artisans and created thousands of customer-philanthropists along the way.