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four-sided bangle bracelet

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Artist: Mark Ehrmann Jewelry 

These Gold-Filled forged Four Way bangle bracelets are classic handwrought designs, custom made in two weight/widths.

Light - 12 gauge
Heavy - 8 gauge.

ME Jewelry makes your bracelets in three different sizes to choose from: Small (2.5" D), Medium (2.75" D), and Large (3" D).  

These bracelets are custom hand forged by using chasing hammers to produce the overall shape and flared edging. They are polished for high reflectance.  Fashioned in the classic style of handwrought fabrication we have added this collection to our ME Jewelry line.  People of all ages enjoy these popular bangle bracelets. You can mix and match the bangle bracelets with different weights, and different styles to create a fun look to match your outfits.



Mark Ehrmann Jewelry has been made since 1984 using the hand wrought techniques that have been used by silver and goldsmiths for centuries. Using an anvil, hammers, torch and hand tools, this jewelry is designed and hand-fabricated to make simple patterns that are classic designs and can be worn by people of all ages.