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hibi / incense matches - deep

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The Kobe Match Co arrived at a mixture of paper fibres, incense and charcoal to create the perfect strike-on-box incense match. The Harima region of Awaji has been producing matches and incense for nearly one hundred and fifty years.

This is a Self-lighting 10 Minutes Aroma Incense which you strike like a match and then let it burn like an incense stick.

Each purchase comes with a burning pad for safe burning. Approximately 10 minutes of burning time, scent lingers for about 30 minutes or more.

Length: 2.0"
Quantity: 8 Sticks per box


AmbergrisCreating a sensual moment through a fusion of sweetness of oriental passion and wildness.

CedarwoodAwakening your inner-strength and deep wisdom with a cool fragrance of woods reminding you of the crisp air of a cedar forest

Oak MossFragrance of a moss growing gently on oak trees of a deep forest, taking you to a mysteriously warm and sober world