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comma necklace

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Artist: Odette

Sculptural drop shape pendant, first carved from wax by hand then cast in sterling silver.

  • solid sterling silver pendant 1” Length
  • 18" sterling silver cable chain 

Materials Note: Solid Sterling Silver is 92.5% silver which is harder than pure silver, making it ideal for jewelry. Please avoid moisture and chemicals including lotions, hairsprays, perfumes and chlorine. Wash with warm water and soap, and wipe dry. Polish with a specialized cloth, or cleaning solution.


Modern heirlooms. Designed and crafted in New York.

Odette New York is a collection of sculptural jewelry by designer and founder Jennifer Sarkilahti. Each design is carefully carved by hand in wax before being cast into sustainable metals. Raised in Virginia, Sarkilahti studied painting, receiving her Master of Fine Arts from George Mason University before moving to New York City to pursue the arts. As an extension of her art practice, she began working in lost wax, blurring line between art and craft in creating the body of work that would eventually become Odette.