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affirmation gift package

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NOTE: Leave a message in your order notes, and we will hand-write a message for your recipient and include it with the gift! Or, personalize it by purchasing a card and we'll hand-write your message inside.

This gift package includes:

'I am everything' affirmation cards:

I AM Everything™ Affirmation Cards are a tool to remind you of all of your amazing qualities. You can shuffle the deck and draw one card and read it aloud to yourself every morning to start your day. Or, you can use them as needed by shuffling the deck and pulling a card in the moment. Negative self-talk is destructive. But, like any bad habit with practice, you can make major improvements. "I AM" Everything™ Affirmation Cards will help you quiet the noise and focus on what makes you feel good.

Practicing Peace Book:

A pocket sized book with inspiring teachings on what each of us can do to promote peace from the inside out. 

Can there be hope for a peaceful future in times like these?

How can we overcome our sense of helplessness when problems seem so big and tensions so strong?

Pema Chödrön here shows us how to look deeply at the underlying causes of these tensions and how we really can create a more peaceful world—by starting right where we are and learning to see the seeds of hostility in our hearts.  She draws on Buddhist teachings to explore the origins of anger, aggression, hatred, and war, and offers practical techniques all of us can use to work for genuine, lasting peace in our own lives and in whatever circumstances we find ourselves.


Klei Facial Steam - Uplift:

This uplifting blend of citrus peels and rose petals is perfect for anyone looking to take their self-care routine to the next level. The mood-boosting citrus scent is perfect for refreshing and invigorating the senses, while the rose petals provide a calming and stress-relieving effect. The cleansing and calming properties of the Klei Uplift Citrus Peels & Rose Floral Facial Steam make it perfect for all skin types - from dry and sensitive to oily and acne-prone - and will leave your face feeling refreshed, hydrated, and radiant.

6 oz. glass jar

Naturally Dyed Slim Silk Scrunchie:

Plant dyed with a combination of flowers, food waste, plants & dye extracts then sewn by Marram in their home studio in Hossegor SW France

Approximately 2 cm in width & 7 cm in diameter (not stretched)

100% silk satin

Wear in you hair, round your wrist as a bracelet or use simply as a hair accessory

One size

*Your item may not be identical to that of the one pictured due to the variations in the dyeing process.

The Qi Whole Flower Tea - Blue Lotus:

Organically grown single-origin whole flower teas. We love drinking our flowers as teas but they're also great for other well-being, beauty, and culinary uses (flower tea, floral facial steam, and edible flower desserts).

Blue Lotus tea promotes deep relaxation. Blue Lotus has rich, fruity, root vegetable notes. It is refreshing and bold with notes of anise and an earthy aroma. It tastes less floral compared to Chrysanthemum and Rose.

Blue Sage & Roses Smudge Stick Bundle:

Blue Sage and handpicked roses, wrapped with love and vintage velvet ribbon. Enjoyed for cleansing and healing properties, keeping energies grounded and clear. Rose petal colors availability based on season.

Colors will vary. Measurement is approx. 4"


* Specific products may vary in scent or be replaced with an equivalent due to availability*