zenbunni organic gheenache & coconache

$ 22.00

ZenBunni Gheenache & Coconache pairs perfectly with fruit, crepes, in your coffee, or by the spoonful! These signature soft chocolate spreads are the nutrient rich, immunity-enhancing, and deeply restorative infusions of of Ayurvedic Ghee or Stoneground Coconut Butter with Cacao, a touch of Biodynamic® Cane Jaggery, and adaptogenic and nourishing herbs full of synergistic Plant Magic!

Free of dairy, gluten, soy, & refined sugars. Always organic.

6.5 oz jar.

Select from flavors:

Chaha Chai Gheenache (Chocolate Ghee Spread)

Vanilla Reishi Gheenache (Chocolate Ghee Spread)

Cap Beauty Coconache (Chocolate Coconut Spread)