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tea infuser basket

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Stainless Steel Loose Leaf Tea Infuser

The Perfect Brew: This spacious basket provides ample room for teas to unfurl completely while allowing proper water circulation and lets no particles escape, making the most enjoyable, flavorful & clear cups of tea.

Versatile Design: This basket fits on top of many different sizes of cups or a pots of tea.

Dual Purpose Lid: Keeps your tea hot while brewing & serves as a dish to place the Infuser on after removing it from your cup or teapot.

High Quality Material: Laser cut, rust less Stainless Steel.

Easy to Clean: Simply compost the tea and rinse your infuser.

How to use it: Place infuser into your vessel, fill with appropriate amount of loose leaf tea. Pour boiling water through the infuser into the vessel until full. Steep with the lid on. Remove the basket and allow it to drain. Place the lid down, face up, and the infuser will sit right in the lid. Enjoy your perfect cup of tea. Rinse, wipe & dry for your next tea time.