resuable produce bags

$ 26.00

Single-use plastics are a problem. Snag a set of our reusable produce bags and be a part of the solution by using these bags again and again and help replace the millions of plastic produce bags consumed each year! Perfect for the farmers market, grocery store & bulk bins.
These fabrics & materials are biodegradable, food safe, synthetic & dye free.

Also perfect for travel, packing, baby items, pool, beach & eco friendly gifts.

Organic Cotton: We also love organic cotton because It uses less water to grow compared to conventional cotton. it's pesticide-free which eliminates harmful toxins from water runoff & entering our streams, lakes, rivers & oceans. Since pesticides are not used, farmers invest in soil fertility & protect biodiversity for greater crop yields.

The Set includes:

4 organic cotton mesh bags

3 grain bags