mini orions belt hoops - white sapphire

$ 455.00


The Orion the Hunter constellation is one of the most distinct star arrangements in the night sky. The three beautiful stars that outline the Hunter's belt was the inspiration for the Orion's Belt Mini Hoops. Gemstones are cast into fairmined gold to give the earrings a raw and romantic look.
Size: 8mm wide.
Backing: Secures on your ears with posts and butterfly backs.
*Valley Roses' responsibly sourced Diamonds are either certified recycled, Certified Canadian mined, responsibly lab grown, or from traceable small scale mines. They source their brilliant white diamonds in the G-I color and SI clarity. While there is no perfect ethical diamond out there yet, they do their best to source from a variety of the leading ethical choices to empower you the consumer to make the one that is right for you and your values.


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