gardeners delight care package

$ 60.00

Steel Pruning Shears: These forged carbon steel utility shears can be used in the garden, kitchen, office or studio. Chinese craftsmen originally created these as "bonsai scissors" hundreds of years ago. Thanks to their simple yet useful symmetrical design, they can be used by both right and left handed craftspeople. Although they were traditionally known for pruning small shrubs, we have found they are useful for nearly every task, including cutting weed cloth, harvesting herbs and flowers, and cutting twine. // Dimensions6" l x 2" w x 1" h // Weight0.25 lb

Fat & the Moon - All Cream: What makes this cream so great? The perfect blend of hydrating and toning elements like aloe vera and rosewater, with moisturizers and skin protectors like organic sunflower oil and shea butter. This whipped consistency cream is truly an 'all' cream. Use it for your face and body -- a little goes a long way. Just a small dab is enough for your whole face! // 2 oz. // Made in United States of America

Seed Packets: A variety of seed packets to plant: a Bee Pollinator Seed Packet , Cutting Flower Seed Packet, and an Edible Flower seed packet.


* Specific products may vary in scent or be replaced with an equivalent due to availability

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