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pixie lighthorse / prayers of honoring voice

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Pixie Lighthorse is a writer, artist, and Earth Medicine educator living a spirited life in the rural outskirts of Central Oregon with her family of prayerful wildlings.

She is the creator of nearly forty online programs working with specific animal totems to heal the soul’s early wounds, offer witnessing in community and move participants into active self-healing practices following the rhythms of the seasons and Earth.

Teaching e-courses in animal medicine for seven years led to her Earth Medicine education program, SouLodge Earth Medicine School, a holistic training ground for budding and established eco-healers. She has been practicing and leading indigenous-influenced ritual and ceremony for over twenty years.

Observing the magnitude of prayer aversion held by those traumatized by controlling religious systems, Lighthorse set out to gently invite timid and avoidant readers to reconnect with Spirit on their terms. Raised without religion, (but not without it’s cultural imprints), she has been in fluid dialogue with the spiritual realms from an early age.

Author’s Note: 

The throat, located just one energy center north of the heart and one jump south of the mind, is in a precarious position in the body. Play with me for a moment: if you were to consider the mind a machine, say, a telegraph in service to the heart, then the heart gives the first dictation. The mind then translates vital information in the form of language to the speaker system of voice, which will hopefully transmit the communications as the heart intended, if that is the priority. It is a good time to ask yourself what your priorities of communication are. What is motivating you?

A short journey from heart to mind and back down to the throat takes mere seconds, but a mighty many detours are taken en route. This may be because the fear residing in the mind is like a highwayman, waylaying our genuine matters of the heart and causing havoc as it tries to make its simple way out of the human body. There are other desperados who lure the vulnerable traveler off-path: insecurity, anxiety, self-consciousness, the fragile ego—but nearly all are unmasked first cousins to fear when flushed out of the shadows. Some fears are linked to primal traumas which may yet be unearthed. These deserve special attention when working with voice.

I think the greatest of all distractions between heart and throat might be faithlessness, because reigning religious institutions have effectively redirected the focus from faith to matters of righteousness, wrongness and “policies”. Faith in love, and what it can do, has taken a particularly destructive back seat to the priorities of massive organizations with other things in mind than loving kindness, peaceful communication, fair resolutions, wellness and the expressive voices of living, breathing people.

For today’s spiritually traumatized, broken-hearted and soul-wounded, the process of revealing what rests on the heart can be a paralyzing challenge. To clear the path of negative imprint, one must declare the intention to speak to what matters most and set about the task of discerning what that is. One can make a choice now to stand up to the fears that mangle the truth into expressions more palatable for others, cause explosions of rage, freezing up, or cut-and-run behavior.

To love the truth more than anything else is a tall order.

The book includes:

  • Foreword written by Elena Brower
  • Suggestions for how to use the book as a personal companion for healing voice as well as ways to bring it into your classes and curriculums.
  • An introduction to each of the Four Directions and properties
  • 28 prayers, 7 for each of the Four Directions
  • blank pages on the left side of each prayer for note-taking, collaging, and making the book your own.
  • one page of journal questions for each section
  • lined pages at the end of each section for recording your thoughts, prayers, and notes about your own spiritual awakenings


Prayers of Honoring Voice is the second book of prayers by Earth Medicine Educator, Pixie Lighthorse.

Aimed at strengthening the confident voice of the individual while emphasizing relational communications, the prayers address the Source of Life as the reader understands it.

With respect to your experiences as teachers, each prayer concentrates on an aspect of healing the voice: Honoring Clarity, Humility,  Advocacy, Sorrow, Fear, Rage, Practice and Restoration among them.

Twenty-eight prayers, divided into four sections, coordinate with the Four Directions allowing the reader to make the connection between beginning, active, reflective and secure stages of growth. Journal prompts and lined pages between each section makes note-taking and stream-of-consciousness simple, so that the book acts as a guide through the transformational process of healing the voice and religious, cultural, and generational trauma.

“Once my voice was found and born, I could not stuff it back inside. The journey to owning my story told in my way has been transformative for me, just as it will be for you….and Pixie is an exceptional midwife in all ways. Over the years since our first meeting, she has been exquisitely relentless about making sure that the whole story is told when she is the listener. She has a special way of trustworthily luring the truth from the deepest of places in the heart of one of her fellow human beings. It is a beautiful sight to witness.
I have learned from this journey that voice is so much more than articulation, communication and expression…when it is full bodied and able to be owned and claimed, it is a declaration! We need more declarations in this confused world. When we find our voice and we are ready to speak and dance and feel the words that make up our own individual truth, everything changes in every good way. When we can own and celebrate and share our voice, we give that same gift to others by way of supporting them to own and celebrate their voices too.”
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Star, Idaho