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pixie lighthorse / boundaries and protection

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Authors Note: This book is motivated by love and infused with magic—the magic that comes from understanding the profound laws of nature. It is derived from my personal and professional work with boundaries as a self-care practice. It was inspired by powerful conversations, healing shamanic journeys, and adventures in broken relationships. My personal journey with boundaries practice has been companioned by my faithful spirit helper and queen, Mountain Lion. The book began as a three-time, best-selling e-course called Boundaries Boot Camp, which has helped many people put their relationships back on track.

Mountain Lion, North America’s reigning species of big cat, is a spirit medicine helper who has been working inside of me for many years. I have found that her behavioral qualities inform my boundaries practice well. She moves fluidly, claims adequate rest, nurtures and teaches her young , is fiercely protective, territorial, graceful, walks softly on the earth, and is highly perceptive to sound and smell. Her golden color is like the rays of our creative sun, and as a transformational symbol she embodies the masculine power of creating what we want. This is balanced with harmonized communication and adaptability. Though she is an apex predator, her medicine allows for receptivity and self-reflection. My first experiences with her were of tremendous fear, which is to be expected when we begin to interface with how powerful we are when we take responsibility for what we’ve been given.

My dream is that Boundaries & Protection will be a companion to those who carry it and that it’s medicine will be integrated with application. I love people, and I believe in their ability to turn their lives around: to hang in there when seas get stormy. I believe that if we bring intelligence in first through the spirit, then into the body, and lastly put it through the beautiful mind, then we will get a more miraculous response than if we reverse the order. Leading with the spirit seldom steers us down the wrong road. Leading with the mind leaves things to chance, because the mind has ideas that are governed by fear.

I began this book on steady ground. A good way through writing it, my legs began to quake—a typical reaction in the third stage of anything worth doing, when doubts creep in to see if they can undermine trust and confidence. I pressed on, knowing that the remedy is to follow my own damn advice: tune into your heart, call Spirit in to carry you, don’t overthink it, and avoid negative gremlin-talk. It was a practice in leading with my spirit which required the fears of my mind to take a back seat.

The contents of Boundaries & Protection are not the clinical opinions of a certified expert on the subject of human psychology and behavior, but of an experience-backed, intuitive healer and teacher who loves people, life, and the gifts of Spirit as they express themselves subtly in nature. My experience with thousands of women, and professional consult have been robust teachers.

Reading it, you may become aware of instances where you have violated someone’s boundaries. Don’t let it stop you from carrying on. Don’t let it send you into a spiral of shame. You can make amends for mistakes and use this book to set things right again. The empowerment that comes from a boundaries practice lies in allowing mistakes and trusting that we have everything we need to make repairs.

This book is my offering to you of golden protection through your own murky territories where clarity is desired. It is intended to help you take responsibility for how your relationships are handled, and to enjoy the process of cultivating deep intimacy.



"This book is here to remind you of your willingness, your patterns, your magnificence, and what truly matters. Welcome home".
-Elena Brower, Author of Art of Attention and Practice You

"Lighthorse’s newest book will help you improve your relationships and experience deeper intimacy with others. These are important life lessons for we are social beings who need each other in order to survive".
-Jodi Crane, PhD, NCC, LPCC, RPT-S, Counseling Professor and Play Therapist

"Finally! A book on boundaries that emphasizes sacredness and loving communication".
– Michelle Duncan-Wilson, Soul Work for Moms

"Pixie Lighthorse is a genius at turning complex ideas and language into poetically potent yet straightforward sacred medicine that can be understood and used effectively by just about EVERYONE. That’s one reason why this book is so very important. It addresses the potentially scary concept of boundaries by compassionately taking you step by step through a process of understanding how to create bridges of protection between yourself and others using emotional intelligence, loving- kindness and deep respect".
~ Chris Zydel, Founder Of Creative Juices Arts

"To be able to change the world we need to learn how to get along better with each other. This beautiful much-needed book is a good place to start".
-Susannah Conway, Author of This I Know: Notes on Unraveling the Heart