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naturally dyed aromatherapy eye pillows

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One of a kind patchwork eye pillows.

Made from a combination of fabric offcuts which include :- silk noil, satin silk, reclaimed linen and European linen. Plain soft silk noil backing

Filled with Organic Buckwheat, linseed and dried French Lavender.

Hand dyed with a combination of plant dyes and sewn in their studio in Southwest France

Approximate size 26 x 11 cm

Place over your eyes and use for meditation, relaxation or as a sleep aid

Warm for up to 30 seconds for use as a heat source or freeze for up to 30 mins for cool healing.

Because each of the eye pillows are unique we have colour grouped them the best we can, but please note there will be slight colour variations and pattern differences.

However each one will be unique and beautiful! Your item may not be identical to the one shown in the photos above and slight variations can occur due to the hand dyeing technique.