mother rose face mask

$ 25.00

Mother Rose embodies the earthiness of the feminine. Exfoliating, tightening, cooling, loving, and nourishing.

Mix with liquid of your choice to use (filtered water, hydrosol, apple cider vinegar, honey, etc). Glass bottle packaging.

Handmade in small batches in Austin, Texas.

Ingredients: Rose petals, hibiscus flower, crushed chia seeds, rose hips, rhassoul clay. 


High Sun Low Moon was birthed during Cassie Courtney's pregnancy. Dismayed by skin and hair products with questionably long shelf-lives and suspicious ingredient lists, she chose to create her own, for the safety of her baby and herself. Inspired by the practices of great healers, goddesses and Egyptian queens, the process of becoming intimate with the plants, harmonizing them and nourishing her body with the compounds became a most loving ritual to herself. A ritual she believes vital to share with All.