living on the earth

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Celebrations, storm warnings, formulas, recipes, and country dances-renowned author Alicia Bay Laurel harvests them all in this unforgettable book first published more than thirty years ago. Living on the Earth is for people who would rather chop wood for fire than work behind a desk to pay the electric company.

This classic bestseller, originally published in 1970, is a handwritten guide to bohemian country living. At nineteen the author moved to the Wheeler Ranch Commune in Sonoma County, California and began her work writing, illustrating and designing. The book was initially conceived as an informational pamphlet to share with fellow commune dwellers and almost 50 years later is still a favorite gift for kindred spirits alike. 

It's for people who want the best recipe for lavender soap or huckleberry jam. It's for people who want to make their own clothing, play guitar, learn woodcarving, gardening, canning and drying food, and natural first aid methods. The book has no chapters; no rigid structures or rules. It grew naturally out of the lessons the author has learned, and which she shares now with yet another enthusiastic generation.

Living on the Earth is a beautiful book to see and read, as well as a spiritually uplifting work whose simplicity radiates warmth and promotes serenity and goodwill to all those who encounter it.

It is beautiful to see, hold, touch. The drawings and design radiate warmth, simplicity, sincerity. The whole effect of the books, as an object, is to induce serenity and goodwill; people reading it have been observed to smile and be happy, shout “O Wow!”, furiously copy down instructions for making some chair or souffle, and finally and ineluctably pass this book on to a friend.

The large format paperback is entirely written in Alicia's cursive script and illustrated on every page with her line drawings. Alicia Bay Laurel has passionately followed her muse since early childhood. She was just twenty years old when Living on the Earth was originally published; the book would go on to become a best-selling, trend-setting manual for natural, conscious living. The book celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2000. Alicia still sings, plays guitar, writes, and enjoys life in Hawaii.

214 pages

8.5" x .6 x 11"