lip + cheek tint

$ 18.00

A pure and natural option for adding a fresh hue to lips and cheeks in a recycled cardboard vessel. Made from ground vegetable, flower and clay materials only- and absolutely free from toxins, additives, and fillers. Enjoy this plant makeup stick with you wherever you go by keeping one in your purse! Let your natural beauty shine through.

Hibiscus Petal- Ground hibiscus petal, red clay, and zinco oxide provide a pale pink flush and protection from the sun! Sweet citrus scent.

Red Clay + Carrot- Red clay, and carrot seed oil, along with a touch of Sea Buckthorn for a nutrient boost. A red, earthen, hue- similar to desert soil. 

Plant pigments, local raw beeswax, shea butter, jojoba oil, sunflower oil, vitamin e, essential oil

100% Natural
1 oz