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lavender sapphire halo ring

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Artist: Margaux Perrier

Hand-carved 14k Yellow Gold ring, set with a stunning oval Sri Lankan Periwinkle Sapphire, surrounded by a halo of White Diamonds.

One-of-a-kind (OOAK)

In stock: size 5.75. May be resized, please email to inquire.

  • 14k solid gold
  • 7 x 6mm and 1.65 ct.
  • natural diamonds


Lavender Sapphire from Sri Lanka, is a stone of deep awakening, stimulating the rise of the kundalini transformation energy, while opening your connection with your spirituality. Opening the third eye and crown chakras, it imparts wisdom, attracting prosperity and an abundance of gifts, while increasing clarity of Knowing and allowing you to facilitate an easier flow of communication. Lavender Sapphires are stones for the seeker searching for deep spiritual truths, imparting serenity and peace of mind, providing harmony, love and the purification of the auric field. It encourages you to stay devoted on your spiritual path, and is often used during shamanic ceremonies to transmute dense, heavy or negative energies into lighter vibrations which will benefit and align with you. Aligned with the planet Saturn, the archetype which brings meaning and purpose to our lives, it further develops your intuition, providing a protective shield and lending deep wisdom while providing calm to the mind. Long cherished as a stone of royalty, it activates psychic awareness, enhances insight and provides mental discipline and focus to manifest any goal you’ve set your sights upon. Connecting you with higher planes, it is an ideal stone for those wanting to ascend spiritually. Awakening psychic visions and stimulating your sense of inner knowing, it brings healing and alignment to the mind, bearing the strength to overcome negative thoughts. Encouraging astral travel, lucid-dreaming and accessing higher realms of consciousness throughout meditation, Lavender Sapphire is all about learning, imparting wisdom, and remembering past lifetimes to recall the lessons they provided so you can be fully present to the karmic bonds, ancestral lineage and Soul’s journey that led you into this life.


Margaux Perrier is a French-American designer combining her adoration for the metaphysical with delicate wearable pieces. Her goal has always been to empower the wearer to access those parts that are innately within themselves to feel as divinely perfect as they truly are. Her jewelry is a blend of her French heritage with the sacred, spiritual and ethereal. It is an extension of her heart, designed to inspire you to tap into the Divine cosmos and recognize your place within it - you are valid, worthy, and love incarnate. Each stone is completely one of a kind as nature designed it, so each little fragment of uniquity outlays that stone’s journey of growth - just as it can assist you on yours.


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