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krakra / savon amour (love soap)

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Amour belongs to KRAKRA's Botanical collection.

A flowery fragranced soap for face, body and hands. Enriched in pink clay and geranium essential oil - this is a moisturizing, softening, radiance boosting soap, recommended for normal to dry, sensitive skin.

Their soaps are handmade, created with 100% pure, natural botanical ingredients, and their manufacturing process is inspired by ancient beauty rituals.

3" l x 3" w x 0.8" h



"Cracra" (which is pronounced the same way as KRAKRA) is commonly used in informal French by children and roughly translates as “mucky pup” in English. KRAKRA adopted this name to bring a touch of playfulness and innocence to their more serious purpose: to offer products that gently clean, while caring for the skin and planet. KRAKRA is a light-hearted reminder that cleaning rituals and cosmetics can be simple.