joya foxglove roll on parfum

$ 35.00

Joya Studio launched their newest perfume in two years. It's baptized Foxglove after a little-known historic fact about the botany of New York City in the 19th century...

Brand founder Frederick Bouchardy was interested in the past of Central Park near which he was brought up.

He found out that the plant Foxglove (digitalis purpurea) - which is actually very poisonous; its digitaline component was a famous poison - used to be a much more common sight at that time. It is also odorless which serves as a symbolic point for making it the perfect white canvas onto which to project your own fantasy of the ultimate NYC scent, he told The New York Times,

"Central Park was my initial muse, and then it became an exploration of the entire botanical history of all the parks and wetlands here," says Joya owner Frederick Bouchardy of the studio's latest 'FoxGlove' perfume oil. Inspired by the scents of New York City and named for a 19th century odorless plant, this fragrance is a fresh blend of Saltmeadow Cordgrass, Hyacinth Leaves, Jasmine and White Cedar.

Foxglove parfum has top notes of Blood Orange, Salt Meadow Grass & Hyacinth Leaves; mid notes of Honeyed Jasmine, Camillia & Jonquille; base notes of Treaty Oak, White Cedar & Wild Musk.

Net Weight: 10ml / .34 fl oz.