i am everything care package

$ 75.00

This care package includes:

I Am Everything Affirmation Cards: "I am" is the most powerful phrase you can speak because what follows "I am" defines who you are in the moment. I AM Everything™ Affirmation Cards are a tool to remind you of all of your amazing qualities. You can shuffle the deck and draw one card and read it aloud to yourself every morning to start your day. Or, you can use them as needed by shuffling the deck and pulling a card in the moment. Negative self-talk is destructive. But, like any bad habit with practice, you can make major improvements. "I AM" Everything™ Affirmation Cards will help you quiet the noise and focus on what makes you feel good. 30 card deck.

Large Crystal Prism: Multi-faceted teardrop shaped glass crystals with a hole for hanging; catches the light from every angle and throws rainbow prisms and sparkles everywhere. 1.5"

Riverside Socks: Soft and sustainable bamboo socks, highly absorbent and bacteria resistant. Hand dyed with low impact dyes. Each pair unique.

Flowerhead Tea: Flowerhead Tea is your direct connection to natural wellness through full flavored teas and floral tisanes. They are on a mission to encourage you to slow down, listen to your body, and change your life through the daily ritual of drinking tea.


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