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A perfect care package curated for anyone needing a little reminder to simply breathe. All wrapped up in a box ready to gift. 

gift box includes: 

-How to Breathe: 25 simple practices for calm, joy, and resilience 

A simple guide to breathwork by a lauded expert that takes you through 25 simple practices for everyday situations, such as de-stressing, managing anger, falling asleep, connecting with others, and more.
In How to Breathe, breathwork expert Ashley Neese gives practical guidance for channeling the power of your breath to help you tackle common challenges with mindfulness and serenity. The book first introduces you to the foundations of breathwork, outlining the research-supported benefits of the practice and explaining how the breath relates to emotions and resilience. Neese then offers 25 customized practices that she has created for clients over the last decade. Each practice features an introduction explaining the origin, benefits, and purpose of the breathwork, followed by step-by-step instructions and post-practice notes. With transporting photography and modern design, How to Breathe shows how small exercises can have a huge impact on daily health and happiness.

-Handcrafted ceramic mug by artist Mariella/M Bueno based Olympia, WA

12 oz mug. dishwasher and microwave safe 

-Vana Immune Tea (*locally made in Cambria, CA)

As soon you start feeling a scratch in your throat, have a runny nose, or simply subject to susceptible environments, such as traveling, drinking a warm cup of Immune will be your choice. The herbs in this blend enhance infection-fighting immune cells and increase the production of immune compounds, such as interferon. Interferon protects the body from damage caused by free radicals and helps disarm viruses, preventing them from taking over healthy cells. Immune is one of our favorite blends, not only for its amazing prevention abilities but for its wonderful earthy flavors of Asian Ginseng and Reishi Mushroom. 

2 oz bag with muslin tea bag 

Humble Hive Honey (*locally made in the Central Coast, CA)

4 oz glass jar

PF candle Amber & Moss (*a best shop seller) 

scent: a weekend in the mountains, sun gleaming through the canopy. Sage, moss, and lavender. 

mini 2 oz

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