hi wildflower candle

$ 16.50

Wonderfully fragrant candles from HI Wildflower. 100% U.S. grown soy, cotton wick, gold metal tin, and fragrance. Burn responsibly. Burn time: 25 hours

Available in 5 different scents. Sold individually.

*Our candles are made with uplifting top notes, so there is a variation from the perfumes, which contain many more natural ingredients.

ANCIENTS: Ancients is inspired by the eternal quietude of an ancient forest. Notes: Fir & Lavender

HANALEI: Hanalei is a stunning paradise town on Kauai's coast, and the candle features tropical citrus and florals. Notes: pink grapefruit, jasmine sambac, ylang ylang

LOVER'S ROCK: Lovers Rock is a sensual, redolent scent evocative of slow dances, pipe tobacco and vintage reggae on vinyl. Notes: Clove, Cinnamon, Tonka Bean

MALA: Mala is inspired the wedding garland shops of New Delhi, where fresh cut flowers bloom and trails of incense waft into the street. Notes: Rose, Carnation, Incense.

NIGHT BLOSSOM: Heady white florals inspired by the South Asian tradition of attar making with flowers. Notes: Jasmine Grandiflorum, Neroli Blossom

WEST INDIES: West Indies is inspired by the iconic Bay Rum cologne scent-- It's warm, spicy, masculine with a touch of softness reminiscent of a freshly shaven beard. Notes: Lavender, Bay Rum, Vetiver