green lotus I well being essential oil

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Well Being is a combination of cinnamon, orange, clove, frankincense, pine, ginger, sage and patchouli. These 100% pure essential oils work together increasing the body’s vibration, which fine tunes and magnifies your magnetic field projection. Once your field is activated you will attract the desires of your heart and the truth held within your subconscious (the body). It is best to use Well Being after you have cleansed physically and emotionally, self-actualized and transmuted the perceived traumas of your past into a memory that doesn’t hold a negative emotional charge. Be careful what you focus on because it will manifest into reality very quickly.

Physically, Well Being is a powerful formula offering the strongest antimicrobial, anti-infectious, antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal constituents known to date. The aromas are attracting, but when worn as a perfume it creates a protective shield similar to the Protection formula. The airborne molecules will help to protect you from contracting germs, bacteria and viruses.

Well Being strengthens the immune system and combats severe acne and cold sores. If you apply Well Being or Protection formulas within the early stages, just prior to a cold sore breakout the cold sore will not even appear on the surface.

Expect to become fine-tuned in all aspects of your life. Well Being will eliminate the irritating disturbances that have taken root throughout all body systems.


Diffuser Add drops to an Aromatherapy diffuser

Spray Use the Well Being spray on yourself, loved ones and as a room freshener.

Body Wear two drops as a perfume or a daily tune up that will guard against airborne germs, virus and bacteria.

Quick application 1 drop of Well Being formula directly into wound; works great on cold sores.

Throat For a sore throat gargle: Add 2 drops with ½ tsp. honey to 4oz. warm water stir and gargle. Use as a daily mouthwash to promote healthy gums or add two drops to you toothbrush and brush that mouth and gums clean and free of bacteria.

15 ML

Made in Los Osos, California