green lotus I relieves headache essential oil spray

$ 15.00

Love Potion is a combination of nutmeg, cinnamon, clove, pine, ylang ylang, black pepper, clary sage, geranium, orange and ginger. These 100% pure essential oils stimulate the accessory olfactory connected to the vomeronasal sex organ. Yes it is true, we actually have a tiny sex organ up in our brain behind our regular olfactory system. Some have a more developed nasal sex organ than others but we all have one.

Love Potion is considered to be a liquid phase stimulant, which is different than all the other Green Lotus essential oil formulas, which are considered vibrational and chemical stimulants. The molecules of Love Potion are sensed and responded to as if they were pheromones.

Our regular olfactory system projects its impulses to both the frontal cortex; conscious thought and the limbic system- the emotions. But the vomeronasal is an auxiliary olfactory sense organ and when stimulated the impulses target the amygdala and hypothalamus side-stepping the cortex- (the reasoning mind), which immediately instigates the instinctual mating behavior.

This formula was created to help those who are confused about their low libido and not connecting the dots between prescription drug therapies and the side effects of a diminished sex drive or performance. Read the side effects- popping pills can lead to Mr. Limpy. Love Potion reestablishs the connection that prescription drug therapies interfere with.

Spray on face and neck and breathe in.

2 oz glass bottle

Made in Los Osos, California