green lotus I peaceful essential oil

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Peaceful is a combination of orange, lavender, lemon, bergamot & cedar wood. These 100% pure essential oils reduce anxiety instantly, creating space, (time) between stimulus and response. This formula works wonders for ADD-ADHD. Induces a state of calm and relaxation.

Peaceful offers the opportunity to start monitoring perceptions with your logical reasoning mind. What you must understand is that the body can enter into this heightened state, (adrenaline surges), when the perceived stress is real, imagined or even during a dream. It is easy to blame emotions for the trigger, but emotions are not the problem. It is our perception of what we are experiencing that triggers the emotional sensation in the body and then our perception is influenced by memory,- what we have learned. We have free will when deciding what disrupts us or not, but once the stress response is triggered oxygen is actually diverted from the brain and sent to our limbs for a fast escape or to give extra strength to fight, so reasoning will be hindered and we react before thinking.

Peaceful formula sends massive amounts of oxygen to the frontal cortex helping to create a huge space between stimulus and response; allowing the opportunity to choose a response that will best serve our self, others and the situation.

Diffuser~ Add drops of Peaceful Formula to Aromatherapy Diffuser to promote a relaxed environment.

Nose~ Inhalant 2 drops of Peaceful Formula in palms. Cup hands over nose and inhale for 1-2 minutes. Wear under nose and on ear lobes.

Bath~ Add 7 drops of Peaceful Formula to a bath, or apply drops over tense areas prior to submerging in the bath water. For an extra benefit- as tub fills add ½ C. Solar Sea Salts and soak 20 min.

Body~ Apply straight from the bottle on wrists and on earlobes and wear as a daily perfume.

15 ML

Made in Los Osos, California