green lotus I pain free essential oil

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Pain Free is a combination of cypress, clove, marjoram, ginger, eucalyptus, black pepper and peppermint. Together these 100% pure essential oils will quickly reduce pain and inflammation and over time support the healing of long term chronic suffering from arthritis, muscle and bone injury without side effects. This formula decreases muscle strain and the recovery time. Pain Free is your best ally when dealing with any type of pain.

Pain Free works instantly by reducing the pain impulse signals that are traveling up from the body toward the frontal lobe. Upon inhalation hundreds of excitatory molecules reach the periaqueductal gray matter of the midbrain and activate or mimic neurotransmitters such as enkephalin or dynorphin that bind to the mu opioid receptors and instantly turn down the intensity of the pain signal before it reaches the cerebral cortex; conscious awareness. Once the pain signals register and are recognized, the brain will then send a secondary signal to the hypothalamus ordering the release of specific endorphins that can have analgesic effects, which will further reduce the pain sensation.

Applied on the location where the pain rages, Pain Free will offer quick relief due to the high percentage of eugenol found in the clove oil. Eugenol numbs out pain. Dentists used clove oil before Novocain was available.

The cypress oil increases circulation so the “painkiller constituents” offer by the other essential oils will reach each and every cell faster. Marjoram relaxes muscle tightness and muscle spasms. The ginger and peppermint help to reduce inflammation.  Eucalyptus reduces inflammation as well but, eucalyptus oil also intensifies the benefits of all the other essential oils and brings in a tremendous amount of oxygen.  The black pepper helps repair muscle damage and adds some soothing heat. All essential oils help eliminate toxins stored in the joints.

Body~ Apply Pain Free directly where the pain rages. To create a treatment: add drops of pain formula to a natural cream or salve and massage into painful areas. Cover treated area with a hot water compress. The essential oils hate water and will penetrate deep into the derma to avoid water. For a relaxing massage add 10 drops of Pain Formula to 1 oz. of carrier oil.

Nose~ After you apply the Pain Formula always cup your hands over your nose and inhale, don’t waste an airborne molecule.

Bath~ Add 7 drops of Pain Free and 1 C. Solar Sea Salts to a warm bath and soak 20 min.

15 ML

Made in Los Osos, California