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Beautiful Skin is a nutrient rich combination of essential oils that work together to heal and repair damaged skin, tighten and tone, smooth out wrinkles and promote the appearance of healthier, fresh, youthful skin.

Restore skin’s youthful glow with Beautiful Skin Essential Oil. It deeply nourishes and replenishes dull, dry skin with a unique blend of 11 Essential oils. The non-greasy and luxuriously lightweight formula absorbs quickly, to supply skin cells with the vital nutrients necessary for new, healthy cell duplication resulting in fresh, younger looking skin.

This 100% Pure Essential Oil Blend Includes:

Tangerine, Clary Sage and Ylang-ylang to reduce stress and anxiety and relax the muscles of the face, decreasing frown and worry lines.
Palmarosa essential oil to moisturize the skin and regenerate cells as well as enhances anti-aging functions.
Elemi, which is especially effective on mature skin to reduce wrinkles and scarring.
Rosewood to rejuvenate skin cells and diminish any “leathery” appearance.
Lavender for relief of the symptoms from the most common skin conditions including but not limited to acne, bruising bug bites and burns.
Petitgrain to help make the skin clear and bright and to clear up acne spots.
Carrot Seed oil which contains vitamin A for the healing and growth of tissues in the human body. It helps to balance the skin, whether oily or dry, and helps to prevent skin cancer.
Vetiver, with its potent anti-inflammatory properties, is used to reduce puffiness and treat symptoms of eczema.
Sandalwood to help reduce the appearance of scars and skin spots. Suggested Use:

Face~ apply 1-2 drops of the Beautiful Skin Oil Formula and massage into skin.

Body~ 3 drops Beautiful Skin Formula  massaged into damaged or saggy areas. This mixture can be applied daily as an overall toning and moisturizing lotion.

15 ML

Made in Los Osos, California