green lotus I alert & focus essential oil spray

$ 15.00

Alert & Focus is great first thing in the morning or when you’re lagging before that 3 pm meeting. This vitalizing essential oil blend wakes up the entire system to increase attention, comprehension and memory while promoting a sense of clarity. Alert & Focus is a potent blend of invigorating essential oils that oxygenate the brain to increase concentration and stimulate energy.

  • Oxygenate the brain
  • Increase concentration
  • Stimulate focused energy

Free from harmful side effects, Alert & Focus uses essential oils of lemon, tangerine, black pepper, nutmeg, bergamot and peppermint to assist with concentration while releasing the symptoms of mental and physical fatigue. Negative vibrations including boredom, resistance and malaise are dissolved as uplifting feelings and sensations increase.

Alert & Focus can have a very stabilizing effect on individuals living with ADD and ADHD. Combine with our Peaceful formula to calm the body while allowing the mind to remain alert.

This 100% Pure Essential Oil Blend Includes:

-Lemon to refresh and energize the body as it actively works to clean up the cellular environment.
-Tangerine for relieving insomnia, irritability and nervousness, which lifts mood and promotes feelings of happiness.
-Nutmeg for increased circulation to muscles and joints, quickly and effectively relieving tense areas.
-Black pepper to stimulate the endocrine system for increased energy.
-Peppermint to power the central nervous system into high gear, sending loads of life-giving oxygen to the brain, which naturally counteracts drowsiness and increases focus.
-Bergamot for its powerful ability to ease anxiety, depression and SAD (seasonal affective disorder), which promotes a positive attitude.
-This grapeseed carrier oil with “live” ORMUS, made from cold-pressed wine grape seeds, is a light, odorless, nutritive oil. It penetrates and hydrates the skin without a greasy feel, while delivering the same antioxidants found in green and black tea, berries and red wine.

Spray on face and neck and breathe in!!

2 oz glass bottle

Made in Los Osos, California