gold beaded silk friendship bracelet

$ 15.00

These are delicate bracelets made out of silk cord with thirteen 14/20 goldfill or sterling silver beads on each one. You are able to personalize each bracelet by moving the beads into whatever pattern you would like. They are 8.5 inches long, with a larger gold bead as closure, which leaves you room to put it on over your hand and also allows you to adjust it to fit your wrist once it is on.

Each bracelet sold individually.

Select from colors: Emerald, Sky Blue, Camel, Beige, Black, Blush, Copper, Coral

Once you put these friendship bracelets on, you should keep them on. Taking them on and off can cause the silk to fray. But since they are made of silk, they will not fade and you can wear them every day and in the shower without worry and they will still look great! Pull one string at a time to tighten them.