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-  French Lavender Face Mask

Gentle exfoliator & mask for glow & radiance. Made with organic French Lavender (high altitude and organically grown) & lucuma for a super infusion of nourishment, vitamins and anti-oxidants.

Lavender is considered a special oil in Ayurveda -cherished for its cooling, anti-inflammatory properties. Believed to soothe mind, soul & skin.
A full sensory experience for your whole self. 

A blend of fine sea salt, organic French lavender essential oil, organic lucuma powder, jojoba, bio-dynamic (raw and organic) honey.

Two sachets in each packet.

- Oatmeal + Honey Monk Soap

Artisan soaps made by the monks at Saint Joseph Abbey in Southern Louisiana.  Made of saponified oils of soy, coconut, olive, and rice bran, distilled water, shea butter and a fragrance. *while supplies last - scent may vary

- Lavande Lavender Candle

Create an alluring ambiance with this long-lasting and eco-friendly lavender essential oil infused candle made from soy wax.
Soy candles are vegetable rather than petroleum based. They burn at a slower and cooler rate.
The benefits include fewer allergens, less soot and faster perfuming of your room! 7oz candle.
- Loco Love Black Cherry Raspberry with Schisandra Chocolate:

A delicious vegan ganache with sour cherries on the inside and raspberries sprinkled on the outside. Tangy and sweet, smooth and creamy a delicious combination of antioxidant rich berries and cacao. Spiked with Schisandra, which is renown as a potent adaptogenic herb. Working from the inside out to have you radiant and glowing. 

 Ingredients: cacao paste, cacao butter, coconut blossom sugar, tahini, coconut blossom nectar, dried cherries (apple juice sweetened), schisandra berry powder, black cherry oil, *celtic salt

Contains Nuts // All ingredients organic unless otherwise *noted



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