abode gift basket

$ 56.00

A perfect care package curated for those who want to lower their carbon footprint in their home!

 All wrapped up in a box ready to gift. 

Gift box includes: 

- Casa Agave Long Handle Dish Brush- 

Casa Agave™ sustainable dish brush swap helps you replace plastic dish brushes in the kitchen! This removable-head dish brush has a white teakwood handle and brush head, with stiff agave fiber (vegan) plant bristles. It is held together with silver metal wire, and includes a small wire loop at the end for hanging dry. Replaces: plastic handled dish brushes. Use for general dish washing or stuck on food as a mild scrub brush. Choose: Brush with head attached, or the replacement head only.

- Heaven in Earth Wok + Pan Cleaner

This wonderful natural material brush really does work. It is an extremely tough plant fiber, from the roots of a grass type plant. Lasts and lasts, and does not hold on to grease. Please remember that this is a natural wood and when exposed to water or humidity it may age.

Made in Germany. 5.5" (13.5cm) in length.
-Wool Dryer Ball: 

Take the harsh chemicals out of your laundry by adding LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls instead of dryer sheets. Toss LooHoosin your dryer to gently soften clothes while they happily tumble with your laundry. Dryer balls help circulates laundry more efficiently and reduces dry time by 10-25%. For scent, add 5-10 drops of your favorite essential oil right the ball. Made from 100% wool.

- No Tox Dish Washing Block: 

A zero-waste vegan dish block® dishwashing soap is a cleaning powerhouse with a rich, sudsy lather. Cuts stubborn grime and grease on dishes, pots and pans. With added aloe vera to be gentle on your hands.  

You can even use it for cleaning-duty all over your home. Take stains out of laundry, take labels off of jars, spot clean your carpet, use it to wipe down counters... it's a truly multipurpose product. 

How to use: Scrape dishes to remove excess grease and food. Wet sponge, for plates, bowls and cups, and rub dish block® bar to create suds. (Repeat as needed to refresh suds.) Wash items and rinse well. Works in warm or cold water. We prefer warm water for best results. For pots and pans, use a scrubber or scourer.

Pro kitchen tip: Use the same dish washing block® suds to clean your sink when it gets dirty, this can be used on porcelain, stainless, stone and glass sinks safely. We have seen customers use it to clean dirty & stained oven top surfaces as well!

-Baudelaire Hemp Wash Mit

Now you can get squeaky clean while helping to preserve the tradition of handweaving in remote Romanian villages. This Baudelaire Hemp Wash Mitt is made from hemp grown on family farms in Transylvania.

The thread is hand-processed, hand-spun, and woven on authentic hand looms. And, since the natural fibers swell and soften over time, these mitts just keep getting bettter and better.


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