fable soaps

$ 9.00

Hand crafted soaps with rich shea butter, essential oils and natural ingredients.

The soaps unique high organic fat content (coconut oil, olive oil, soy oil, palm oil) ensures that it's exceptionally moisturizing, while its chemical-free recipe makes it ideal for sensitive skin.

Made in Morro Bay, CA

chose from scents:

Chefs Soap- antibacterial, odor removing, and grease fighting with tea tree, lemongrass, and charcoal

Rose + Amaranth- essential oils of rose, ylang ylang, bergamot, lavender

Coffee + Cardamom- scent of turkish coffee with aromas of smoke & vanilla. for exfoliation + circulation

Eagle + Arrow- mix of spirulina (a blue-green ocean algae full of antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients) and balsam fir with cedar wood

Bee + Jupiter- blend of myrrh + honey. rich and smokey with sweet honey smell (a favorite at len colllective)

Salted Grapefruit- infused with Grapefruit essential oil and is finished with Slovenian sea salt for light exfoliation. (top seller)

Charcoal Goats Milk- skin detox bar absorbs dirt, oils, and toxins