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fable || rune / face mask - rose clay

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The perfect break from everyday environmental damage. Rose Kaolin Clay helps increase circulation and lightly exfoliates tired city skin. While Goats milk rejuvenates with fatty acids, trace minerals and omegas.  Perfect after a day of travel, or to use as a spot treatment. Ideal for sensitive or mature skin, calming unwanted redness without over drying or causing irritation.

Goats Milk contains Alpha-Hydroxy Acids such as Lactic Acid which helps remove dead skin cells for smoother, younger looking skin.  It also contains high levels of Vitamin A which repairs tissue, reduces lines and wrinkles, controls acne, and provides relief for psoriasis and eczema.  Goats Milk contains important minerals such as Selenium, which is believed to have an important role in preventing skin damage.

Single Use.


Rose Clay (kaolin) , Goat Milk Powder (whole goat milk, disodium hosphate, vitamin D3, folic acid)


Scoop 1 tsp of powder into non-metal bowl.  Add small amounts of liquid (water, green tea, apple cider vinegar, honey, or plain yogurt) to form a paste. Mix thoroughly and apply evenly to face, avoiding eyes.  Let dry for 15-20 minutes, rinse with lukewarm water.

Ideas & Options to Mix Your Mask:

- Honey - soothing, hydrating, antibacterial, and packed with nutrients.

- Plain Greek Yogurt - lactic acid exfoliation, cellular renewal, and probiotic boost.

- Apple Cider Vinegar - use half water half ACV for a deep skin detox and pore refinement.

- Green Tea - calming and soothing, with a skin tightening effect from caffeine.