beeswax birthday candles

$ 12.00

These non-toxic small batch birthday candles consist of 100% pure beeswax made from the honey Happy Organics bees consume.

These candles will give off a hint of the scent of sweet honey when lit. 

Fun Fact: You can reuse these candles as many times as you need since they don't burn as quickly as store-bought paraffin birthday candles.

They are made by hand-dipping a cotton wick 10 times in a pot of melted beeswax. 

Comes with 10 birthday candles in each jar Ingredients: sustainable beeswax, cotton wick

All of our candles burn clean and do not release harmful chemicals. 


Happy Organics family farm is nestled on the Southside of Merced. On their ten-acre farm, they house thirty-four hives and grow several flower and fruit gardens that their bees collect nectar and pollen from.

At Happy Organics, their mission is centered on creating sustainable and delicious products.  

Community, conservation, and wellness are their top priorities. With their sustainable farm and apiary, they hope to educate, inspire, and cultivate a community that nourishes and grows together-leaving a better tomorrow for future generations.