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lip gloss

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Your essential go-to gloss that complements your natural lip color and completes your effortless, everyday makeup look!

This gloss is sheer, buttery smooth, never sticky, and feels weightless on your lips. 

- Blossom is the perfect warm petal pink.

Cozy is the perfect warm neutral.

Dream is the perfect milky clear gloss with a pinch of reflective shimmer. Wear it on its own or as a topper over your lip liver or lipstick.



Minori is a makeup brand centered on the principles of mindful consumption, minimalism, and inclusivity. Minori creates only the most useful, multipurpose beauty essentials for people who want to live more mindfully while looking like the best versions of themselves. Clean, vegan and cruelty-free, they aspire to keep their ingredients transparent, simplified, and effective.