big sur country soap

$ 11.00

Handmade in the beautiful mountains of Big Sur, Ca.

Choose from:
EucalyptusPenetrating eucalyptus with smooth french clay eases tense muscles and clears the lungs. 6oz bar.

- Cedar RoseUplifting yet subtle, this mellow combination is an elegant mix.

 -Lavender Patchouli: Full of healing properties, this aromatic combo is especially good for aging skin, but loved by all.

-Bay Rhum Scrub: Bay, citrus, spice and a no-nonsense cornmeal scrub make this my version of an old time classic.

-Tangerine LavenderLight and cheerful. Seize the day!

All Big Sure soaps are handmade with:

  • the finest coconut and olive oils
  • pure essential oils
  • organic herbs
  • organic flowers
  • organic spices, grains, and seeds
  • pure spring water


Listing is for 1 soap.

No returns.