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brightland / ardor chili olive oil

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This Ardor oil is made with hand-picked heirloom Frantoio olives from the central coast of California. Smokey. Bold. Fiery.

The oil is blended with red chili peppers, jalapeño peppers, chipotle peppers, and paprika and it has just the right amount of heat — it’s not too spicy, but there’s a nice lingering kick.

Ardor adds a bold heat to pizza, dips, and cheese plates, thanks to the paprika, red chili, jalepeño, and chipotle peppers inside.

About Brightland: Crafted from olives that are hand-sourced from a single-estate California farm, Brightland Olive Oils contain no fillers or artificial preservatives. Founder Aishwarya Iyer’s rigorous standards mean tastier, healthier oils that contain good fats and a high polyphenol count. She left her glossy venture capital job to start the company after realizing that the majority of the olive oil we consume in America is either adulterated or rancid. She went to work researching the country’s extra virgin olive oil industry and chose a farm on the Central Coast of California with a certified organic mill on-site to sustainably grow and cold-press the olives she would use for Brightland.
Each bottle bares the exact harvest date, and the matte white glass isn’t just for show—it’s been UV-coated to protect the EVOO inside from light damage.
Brightland extra virgin olive oil is energizing, brain powering and beautifying. It promotes glowing skin, eyes and hair, and stimulates cellular restoration, preservation, and longevity.