Oliver Pluff & Co hibiscus mint tea

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Oliver Pluff & Company is a fine purveyor of teas. 

Hibiscus Mint tea bags

Contents: Hibiscus Blossoms, Peppermint Leaves, Stevia Leaves, 20 Pillow Sachet Teabags

Notes: Hibiscus steeps to become a refreshingly tart herbal tea, softened by the sweeter peppermint and stevia leaves. The infusion is naturally caffeine-free and may be served hot or iced.

Type:  20 Pillow Sachet Teabags sealed in matte black signature tea tin

Hand Packaged by Oliver Pluff & Co. in Charleston, South Carolina. A small family owned business. 


They started by answering the question, "What tea was thrown in the harbor during the Boston Tea Party and what did they drink after they finished?" They recreated the blends and tell the stories of these historic American beverages for National Parks, historical sites, gourmet markets, and direct to consumers. Our line comes hand-packaged in signature artisan tins. They connect people to the early American experience and to great cups of tea!