kitchen to table care package

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This care package includes:

Oracle Oil: Oracle Olive Oil is a premium Greek extra virgin olive oil made from 100% organic Koroneiki olives, sourced from a collective of seaside olive farms in the Peloponnese — including one belonging to the family of Oracle’s founder. Koroneiki olives are unusually rich in polyphenol and oleocanthal — creating an oil with a very low acidity level of 0.27%. Oracle's flavor and unique characteristics make it especially well suited to everyday use, whether for cooking, dressing, or dipping. Oracle is packaged in a navy-blue bottle designed by the L.A. artist Alejandro Cardenas, and UV-coated to prevent any oxidation of the oil through light exposure. Each bottle is filled and sealed in Laconia and labeled with a date of harvest. Ingredients: 100% organic Koroneiki olives from Laconia, Greece

Flavor profile: Well-balanced / fruity / peppery / nutty / Fresh grass / artichokes / blood orange

Large Cooking Spoon:  This is larger and heavier duty than a traditional cooking spoon - making it great for stirring thick sauces or baking! It will be either cherry (lighter) or walnut (dark wood). Each one measures approximately 13" long, with a 2.75" wide bowl, and is finished with a 100% food safe blend of mineral oil and beeswax.

Oversized Woven Hand Towels: The tight weave of these fair trade hand towels makes them absorbent, soft, and remarkably lightweight. The natural tan color and twisted fringe makes a daily household item a work of art while hung to dry in between use. Despite its oversized dimensions, the slim cotton towel folds compactly into kitchen cupboards and drawers. Dries quickly + folds compactly. Displays beautifully. Dimensions -Approximately 20" x 30" / Woven cotton yarn. Machine washable.

La Buvette: The owner of a beloved Paris wine shop, bar, and café shares the secrets of effortless French entertaining in this lushly photographed guide featuring 50 recipes for simple, grazing-style food. 
“Camille shows us that keeping it simple, trying new wines, and making food that’s direct is all we need for a great experience.”—Andrew Tarlow, owner of The Marlow Collective. Inspired by the stylish, intimate, and laid-back vibes of La Buvette—a tiny wine shop that doubles as a bar and café—in Paris’s 11th Arrondissement, this guide to wine, food, and Parisian lifestyle unlocks the secrets to achieving that coveted je ne sais quoi style of entertaining, along with revealing the best of the City of Light. 

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