natural home care package

$ 70.00

The perfect care package for the natural home lover who values sustainable living and natural materials. Slow living is not only gentler on our earth but brings beauty to our homes.


Natural Dish Brush-The Casa Agave™ dish brush is an easy replacement for your plastic dish brushes and sponges in the kitchen and home. With a white teakwood handle and medium weight agave fiber bristles, it is ideal for general dish washing. It can also be used on vegetables that need a good scrub! Longevity: Each brush can be used for 1-6 months. Do not leave any of the wood parts soaking in water, the wood will absorb water and it will cause the wood to swell and crack. Place in a dry spot after using it.

Juniper Seed Mercantile Unpaper Towels- Cotton Birdseye Unpaper Towels are the multi-purpose, heavy-lifting staple of your zero-waste home! These cloths are absorbent, durable, and conveniently sized for a variety of conventional paper towel replacing uses. They work wonderfully for quick clean-ups and sprucing up your space in addition to making great napkins, hand towels, baby wipes, and tissues.  Each towel is made of a single layer of Organic, Unbleached Cotton Birdseye – a strong yet light weight woven fabric that is highly absorbent and mildly exfoliating. The fabric is pre-washed and precision-cut to one of three size options, and we complete the towels with a 100% Cotton thread finishing stitch in tan. The final product may measure just under the listed dimensions due to the stitching process and the handmade nature of our products. This listing is for 6 large 12 x 12"  cloths.  Care instructions: Hand or machine wash warm. No chlorine bleach or fabric softeners – avoiding these products will help keep your UnPaper Towels at their maximum absorbency. Tumble dry low or air dry. Small shrinkage may occur, and changes in texture or color may result from use. This fabric will become more absorbent with subsequent washings.

Material: unbleached organic cotton birdseye fabric, cotton thread

Reusable Cleaner Cloth-Can be used to dust shelves, clean counters, makes your bathroom sink sparkle, leaves streak free windows,  and best of all can be washed and reused multiple times. No cleaning solution required, just add water or use dry. 

Polyester & nylon. Unit: 1 cloth per box. Weight: 0.085 lb. Box size: 8.5" x 5". Cloth size: 16" x 16". Production: Made in USA. Packaged using recycled materials and eco-friendly ink.

Live Green Book- Many of us are already doing what we can to adopt a greener lifestyle. We recycle, try to reduce our waste and plastics, choose organic food when shopping, eat less meat, and opt for environmentally friendly cleaning products. Yet we often wish we were doing more and it can be overwhelming to know where to start. Live Green is a practical guide of 52 tips and changes you can make to your home and lifestyle over the course of a year. Tackling all areas of your life from home and garden, your cleaning routine, food, fashion, natural beauty, and Christmas, this book has all the ingredients to help you achieve a more sustainable existence. Learn how to modify your daily habits to rid yourself of environmental guilt and rediscover the pleasures of living a slower and simpler life. From creating your own eco-friendly cleaning products and improving your natural beauty regime to creating a capsule wardrobe and composting – discover how to get the most out of life by living more intentionally. Live simply. Live Green.

Laundry Stain Stick- This handmade, old-fashioned hand cut soap is perfect for pre-treating stains, grimy spots, and other laundry mishaps before your regular laundering. It has powerful cleaning agents mixed right into the soap at trace. No mystery ingredients or unnecessary water or fillers in this product, so you can use it with confidence. This bar will last quite a while, as only a tiny amount is used in each application. Just dampen the stain and the corner of the bar, and give it a good scrub. Then put it in with the normal wash. This bar is not full of chemical enzymes and phosphate-based detergents like the commercial stuff, but works very well and has been well-tested against regular family stains.

The small size is ideal for treating stains, or using in a camper or on the trail, whereas the large bar is a great size for using to grate in your own homemade laundry detergent recipe, or on the side of your sink as a dish block.  Just swipe your dish cloth or scrubber around on the soap and wash away!  Your bar may vary slightly in appearance or shape, since these are all hand cut, but your soap will weigh in at either 2-3 ounces or around 4-5 ounces.  Plastic-free packaging – please recycle the paper label.

Materials: vegetable oils, sodium hydroxide, borax, baking soda, sugar, and salt, orange essential oil, thyme essential oil

Dryer BallTake the harsh chemicals out of your laundry by adding LooHoo Wool Dryer Balls instead of dryer sheets. Toss LooHoosin your dryer to gently soften clothes while they happily tumble with your laundry. Dryer balls help circulates laundry more efficiently and reduces dry time by 10-25%. For scent, add 5-10 drops of your favorite essential oil right the ball. Made from 100% wool.